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Legionnaire's Outbreak Caused By Water System


An investigation conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention determined that an outdated water system is to blame for a Legionnaire’s outbreak that occurred this summer in Quincy, Illinois. The outbreak affected the Illinois Veteran’s Home in Quincy where it claimed the lives of 12 residents. The 129-year-old facility is the oldest one in the state that houses veteran’s and their spouses. The state is now planning to replace the water system that is estimated to cost $4.8 million. Legionnaire’s Disease is caused by the Legionella bacteria that causes a severe form of pneumonia. The elderly residents that became infected with the disease had weakened immune systems causing the effects to be severe. The CDC conducted a thorough investigation for several weeks at the facility and concluded that the bacteria was spread by a lack of maintenance to the cooling building and failure of a pressure valve which created stagnant water. The Illinois Veteran’s Home has recently been approved for operating funds in the amount of $24.6 million.

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