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Lack of Sidewalks Leads to Pedestrian Accident


Last Thursday, a disabled man was struck by a vehicle as he traveled along the roadway in his motorized wheelchair. The victim, Tony Berding, claims he has been struck three separate times on Lemay Ferry and is blaming the lack of sidewalks. Berding is a resident of Ahepha 53 senior apartments and travels to a nearby Quicktrip frequently. The stretch of roadway along Lemay Ferry Road in South St. Louis County does not have complete sidewalks requiring Berding and other individuals to travel on the roadway. Despite attempts to extend the sidewalks, residents were told that St. Louis County and Missouri Department of Transportation does not have property rights required to extend the sidewalks.

Pedestrian accidents claim the lives of thousands of individuals and the vast majority of these fatalities are preventable. Obviously, pedestrians and bicyclists are at risk of being struck by a vehicle due to their smaller size creating a lack a visibility. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that close to 5,000 fatalities are caused by pedestrian accidents, and over 75,000 injuries are suffered. Pedestrians are encouraged to wear reflective clothing, carry a flashlight when traveling in the dark, and use sidewalks and crosswalks when available. However, most pedestrians can not prevent a collision with a vehicle because the driver is liable.

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