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Illinois Crash Proves Deadly


A vehicle accident occurred last Sunday in Oswego, Illinois. While driving southbound on Minkler Road, Sean Maurer lost control of his car. As a result, his vehicle veered into the lane of traffic that was headed northbound. Tragically, Maurer’s car collided with the car of a woman from Yorkville, causing for Maurer to pass away. In addition, the Yorkville woman was taken to get medical treatment at a hospital. She injured due to the accident. While the reason for Maurer to lose control of his vehicle is still unknown, the accident is being further investigated.

Vehicle accidents occur about every two minutes. While vehicle accidents are common, they are often times preventable. For example, vehicle accidents can often be prevented by safe, undistracted driving. To drive safely, pay close attention to your surroundings. An example of driving distractedly is texting while driving, which increases a driver’s chance of getting involved in a collision by 23%. In addition, follow all traffic laws and regulations.

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