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Five Train Accidents Occur in Minneapolis


In less than two weeks, there have been five train accidents in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Two of the accidents happened on Monday morning in two different pedestrians vs. train collisions. At approximately 10 a.m., one individual was attempting to cross tracks located at the intersection of East 46th Street and Hiawatha Avenue. Soon after, another pedestrian was struck at 50th Street and Minnehaha. Both individuals were injured but are expected to survive. Last Friday, 29-year-old Jacob McCormick was killed when he was also hit by a train on tracks along 46th Street. Officials with the Metro Transit stated that they are investigating the accidents to determine if they need to install additional warning signals and lights.

Any collision with a train is often devastating due to the size, weight, and force of the train. The impact leaves little opportunity for survivors and those who are fortunate enough to survive typically suffer life-altering injuries. The majority of train accidents happen at the designated railroad crossings. This can be due to drivers attempting to speed and beat the train. However, it is more likely that train accidents occur in these locations due to the lack of warning lights and signals. Receiving a full investigation into your accident can help to determine who is liable and whether you have grounds to file a case.

The train accident lawyers at Meyerkord & Kurth have handled numerous types of auto accidents, including train accidents. Our attorneys have over a century of combined legal experience and will work diligently to recover the maximum compensation for your damages. To speak with a seasoned St. Louis train accident attorney, contact us today for a free consultation.

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