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Fifth Fatal Pedestrian Accident to Occur Within Weeks


A fatal pedestrian accident in Utah is the fifth to happen within just two weeks. The accident happened in Roy as 53-year-old Suzanne Starkey was walking home when she was struck by a vehicle early Friday morning. Starkey was struck at around 6 a.m. while walking along Wasatch Front, which lacks sidewalks and appropriate lighting. Starkey is the fifth pedestrian to be killed within just two weeks in Utah, and authorities have said that this specific area is considered dangerous. As the year comes to an end, there have been 45 fatal pedestrian accidents in Utah this year. Residents of Roy are coming forward, urging officials to alter the roadway of Wasatch Front. They believe the installation of street lights and sidewalks should be completed.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention urge all pedestrians and bicyclists to travel in areas that are well-lit, wear reflective clothing, carry a flashlight, and use sidewalks and crosswalks. However, pedestrian accidents have increased over the past few years and the vast majority of these accidents are preventable, and not due to the actions of the pedestrian. Negligent driving is often the cause of pedestrian accidents that are devastating. If you have been injured or lost a loved one in a pedestrian accident, you should exercise your rights to seek legal guidance from an experienced pedestrian accident attorney.

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