Driver Crashes Into Hotel

A man in Oklahoma crashed into a hotel after disputing his bill, and it was all caught on tape. The incident occurred in Alva last Thursday at the Comfort Inn. According to authorities, 62-year-old John Parsley was disputing charges on his hotel bill and demanding a refund on two separate charges when surveillance videos captured him exit the building, drive away and then crash into the hotel. Parsley was operating a pickup truck and the video footage shows him crashing into the entrance of the hotel, reversing his truck, and crash into the building for the second time. Two women were nearly struck by the truck, and fortunately, there were no injuries suffered in the incident. Parsley is facing two felony counts of assault and battery charges and other charges in the form of using his vehicle as a weapon and damaging property.

Using a vehicle as a weapon is illegal and can result in felony charges. While there are a few incidents every year where a driver intentionally causes an auto accident, it is more common that drivers unintentionally cause accidents. However, drivers that cause accidents due to their negligence or recklessness should still be held accountable for their actions. Their negligence can cause injuries and fatalities to victims who may be entitled to compensation for their damages.

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