Chipotle Linked to E. Coli

Chipotle, a popular food chain, has had many claims made against them lately, all of which have involved food poisoning. In November, the chain closed over forty of their restaurants in the Oregon and Washington state areas. These closures were caused by E. coli related that customers came into contact with at several of their stores in those areas. Additionally, after those claims were made, there have been E. coli related sicknesses related to Chipotle restaurants in seven more states across America. Recently, college students at Boston College contracted illnesses caused by a norovirus after eating at the restaurant. Consequently, the food chain is in danger for falling below the food industry’s health standards.

Unfortunately, food poisoning is widely common across the world. A foodborne illness is caused by coming into contact with an infected food. Most often, a food is infected with either a: virus, bacteria, or parasite. In addition, food can become contaminated along any point of the time it is being made. About one out of every six people gets sick with a foodborne illness yearly.

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