Caitlyn Jenner Sued Again for Auto Accident

Caitlyn Jenner is in the media again regarding her involvement in the fatal auto accident that happened in February. A lawsuit was filed against Jenner by five members of the Wolf-Millesi family that suffered damages in the crash. The family was traveling in a 2006 H2 Hummer when the Lexus, that Jenner’s vehicle struck, was pushed into the Hummer. After an investigation, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department determine Jenner was driving inattentively and failed to brake in time to avoid a crash. The driver of the Lexus was killed in the accident. The complaint states that one of the individuals was disabled in the accident, another suffered nerve damage, and a third suffered blunt force trauma. An infant was also present in the Hummer and was unresponsive at the scene of the accident. Fortunately, the child did survive the crash.

Distracted and inattentive driving has increased in recent years, causing thousands of auto accidents. Americans are busier than ever and are continuously multi-tasking. Cellphones are an amazing advancement to technology that has allowed individuals to communicate, get directions, and search the internet from any place imaginable. Unfortunately, when used while driving, cellphones can be a large distraction that can cause deadly accidents. Most states have now created laws to restrict using a cellphone while driving unless it’s a hands-free device. Drivers that continue to disobey traffic laws cause damages to others and those victims may have grounds to file a case.

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