Boating Accident Results in Fatality

A boating accident in South Carolina has claimed the life of a man. The accident happened on Lake Wylie when 44-year-old Tony Hinson Jr. and another individual were boating during the early hours of Saturday. As the two men departed a lakeside restaurant, they were ejected from the boat when a crash occurred. One of the men was successful in swimming to shore, but emergency crews were unable to rescue Hinson. His body was discovered later that day and he was pronounced dead by York County Coroner, Sabrina Gast. The accident is being investigated by the York County Sheriff’s Department and the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources.

Boating accidents are one type of accident overlooked by many as an auto accident. However, boats and other watercraft are considered to be a form of a vehicle. Thousands of individuals are injured and killed in boating accidents annually, and often these accidents could have been avoided. Operating a boat under the influence of drugs or alcohol, speeding, distracted boating, and inexperienced boating are all examples of reckless boating that lead to boating accidents. While individuals that operate their boats negligently cause many accidents, other common causes are mechanical issues and design flaws.

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