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Two-Year-Old Recovering From Dog Bite


Over the weekend, two-year-old, Makayla Riley suffered a terrible dog bite. Furthermore, Makayla was bit by a neighbor’s husky dog on August 2, and has since been recuperating at home after receiving several stitches on her chin and cheek. To add to Makayla’s recovery, she may even require plastic surgery but that is yet to be determined until six months to a year. Sadly, she will have a permanent scar for the rest of her life to remind her of the horrible dog bite accident.

The dog that attacked Makayla lives near her home on Frankie Lane. At the time of the dog bite incident, the animal had been missing from its home for some time, and had came up to Makayla and her mother while they were in the process of moving. The dog looked starved and malnourished so the mother took it into the house to give it food and water. When the mother left the room, the dog bit Makayla. Luckily the dog is up to date on all of its shots, but it did have to be quarantined for 10 days. Makayla’s parents did not ask for the dog to be euthanized following the dog bite attack.

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