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Two Arizona Teachers Killed in Car Crash


A Brooklyn Jewish community is struggling with the sudden passing of two beloved teachers from Borough Park tonight. Furthermore, the two teachers were killed Monday night, as they were sight seeing in Arizona. Killed in the fatal car crash was 27-year-old, Hindy Spira and 24-year-old, Raizel Morgenstern. Both were vacationing for the week in the wilderness with two other Brooklyn teachers; Miriam Meyer and Suri Mayerovitz, both 26-years-old.

The night of the crash, Morgenstern was driving with Spira in the front passenger seat, and hit the side of a tractor-trailer near Holbrook after turning in front of it. According to police, the pair misjudged the distance between themselves and the semi. Sadly both women died at the scene. Both Meyer and Mayerovitz were sent to a nearby hospital, and their conditions are unknown. The 46-year-old semi truck driver suffered injures to his back.

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