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St. Charles Man Involved in KY Auto Accident


An auto accident involving an SUV and a motorcycle was caused by a driver from St. Charles, Missouri. On Monday afternoon, William Norath and a passenger were traveling on U.S. 45 northbound when he turned into a business parking lot. He then proceeded to reverse back onto U.S. 45 and into the path directly in front of a motorcycle operated by Larry Satterwhite. The motorcycle collided with the side of the SUV causing Satterwhite and the motorcycle to be thrown off the roadway. Satterwhite was airlifted to the hospital, but Norath and his passenger were injured in the accident. The accident is under investigation by the Graves County Sheriff’s Department.

Individuals that choose to operate a motorcycle are required by law to obtain a motorcycle license. Inexperience and recklessness can lead to motorcycle accidents; however, it is more common for motorcycle accidents to be caused by the negligence of other drivers. Distracted and inattentive driving are to blame for several accidents and drivers who are not 100% focused on the roadway can easily collide with motorcyclists who are difficult to see due to their size. Several states have implemented campaigns focused on the safety of motorcyclists and unfortunately, drivers continue to disobey traffic laws and cause accidents.

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