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Slingshot Park Ride Injures One


It was a scary moment for some amusement park goers Friday when a ride broke while people were on it. Furthermore people watched in horror from below when the accident happened as the riders were shot up in the slingshot type ride, and just as they were bouncing back down, a cable snapped and broke.

The ball type cage that the riders sat in swung freely from one side to the other after the cord snapped, and it hit one of the support beams before it came to a stop. The two riders were stuck for over two hours while workers tried to free them.

One 24-year-old woman that was on the ride at the time it broke suffered a broken leg, and was treated at a nearby hospital. The other rider was luckily un-injured in the park accident. Theme park officials are blaming the ride accident on the manufacture’s mechanical defect. The ride is called the reverse bungee and the theme park accident took place at Luna Park, which is located in the south of France.

The ride is currently closed until an investigation is made.

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