One Arrested in Fatal NC Semi Crash

Sadly a Wilmington, North Carolina man was killed on Thursday on Highway 17 after a semi truck hit his vehicle. According to police the vehicle was heading south on the highway in the left lane with the semi crash happened. Furthermore, the semi was in the process of making a left hand turn when the car in front of the truck stopped in the median. As a result, the semi had to stop moving as well yet the trailer of the truck remained in the southbound lane of the road.

Tragically, 62-year-old, David Satravemis crashed into the back of the trailer of the semi, and the impact decapitated the top of his vehicle. Satravemis died instantly on the scene. One passenger who was inside of Satravemis’ vehicle at the time of the semi crash suffered non-life threatening injuries in the crash. When Satravemis’ car hit the trailer and was severed on top, the passenger was asleep at the time with their seat all the way leaned back. Had the passenger been sitting up during the crash, they would’ve died as well.

It does not seem that Satravemis was speeding before the crash yet there were no brake marks on the road as well. Alcohol and drugs do not seem to be a factor in the semi crash as well. 49-year-old, Terry Baxley was the driver of the semi and is now charged with misdemeanor death by a motor vehicle although no impairment is suspected.

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