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Mother Finds Glass Shards Inside Baby Wipes


If you use Huggies baby wipes, you may want to check your package. Furthermore, one Camarillo, California mom recently posted a Facebook message showing glass dropping from her daughter’s baby wipes. The mom, Melissa Estrella stated she purchased three packs of Huggies brand baby wipes. Inside one of the packs of wipes, Estrella allegedly found glass shards and brushed them off with her fingers.

Since Estrella posted the social media video it was been removed. After the post, Huggies responded stating they understand the concerns about their products and take them very seriously. In addition, Huggies stated they are working directly with Estrella to learn more about the glass incident.

Currently although Huggies have not officially recalled any of their baby wipes, Kmart stores in Guam have since pulled all of the products from their shelves. Consumers are urged to call 1-888-485-6839 for any questions or concerns with a Huggies product.

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