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MO Sergeant Struck and Killed by Car


Tragically a Bellefontaine Neighbors police sergeant died from injuries she sustained after a pedestrian accident. Furthermore, 53-year-old, Sgt. Peggy Vassallo died Monday morning while she off-duty but in her uniform.

As Vassallo was driving to work she rear-ended another vehicle on Lindbergh near Old Jamestown Road. Although it was a minor accident, the front license place of Vassallo’s car was slightly damaged, and the other car had a small dent on the rear bumper both drivers got out to exchange information.

As Vassallo got out of her vehicle to check on the other driver and discuss the accident, she was struck by another vehicle that was heading eastbound. It is believed the woman who struck Vassallo was attempting to avoid hitting the cars and unfortunately hit the sergeant instead.

The woman who struck Vassallo stayed on the scene after the pedestrian accident, and cooperated with police. After the accident Vassallo was rushed to a nearby hospital, but died later that day.

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