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Mega Bus-Mega Crash


Tragically Megabus crashes are slowing starting to happen more and more frequently and all are seemingly due to carless or inattentive driving. Furthermore, one of the years largest bus crashes happened in April. Likewise, that Megabus crash happened in Johnson County, Indiana on I-65 near Edinburgh around 5:30 a.m. The bus accident occurred when it was traveling in the left lane and a semi truck suddenly stopped in front of it. As a result, the Megabus rear-ended the semi, and the truck then hit a vehicle that was in front of it. Of the 63 people on board the bus, 19 were injured. The driver of the Megabus was cited for speeding in connection with the crash.

Although a few years old, another haunting Megabus crash happened in March 2010 in New Jersey, which sadly killed four people after the driver of a double decker bus took a wrong turn. As a result, it slammed into a low bridge on the Onondaga Lake Parkway. The driver, John Tomaszewski, survived the crash but suffered major brain injuries, cracked ribs, a collapsed lung, and a broken jawbone. Tomaszewki faced many lawsuits after the crash, and of them, six were settled. Furthermore, Tomaszewski was acquitted for negligent homicide for the deaths of the four people who died, although he had passed 12 warning signs signaling the low bridge was ahead. According to Tomaszewski’s wife, he never forgave himself for injuring several and killing four at the hands of his driving. At the time of the crash, police believe Tomaszewski was distracted by his GPS.

Now in Missouri, a new MegaBus honoring the state has been called, The Archway. Voters who preferred the name to, The Missouri Waltz chose the name following an online poll. The large MegaBus public transportation services city-to-city and names one is named after each of the 33 states they currently service.

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