IL Car Crash Victim Crawls for Help

Imagine being involved in a car crash in a country setting, and then having to crawl hours for help. Miraculously that’s exactly what one man did after he crashed his car in Godfrey, Illinois over the weekend. Furthermore, an unidentified man crashed his vehicle in a cornfield Saturday night, and crawled all night through the maze of stalks and up to a nearby house for help.

The owner of the home is, James Leady, and called 911 once he saw the man in his driveway. The driver of the vehicle told Leady he had been crawling through the cornfield all night, and appeared to have a broken nose as well as a bloody shirt and swollen face.

This is not the first time an accident victim has showed up on Leady’s door. According to Leady the spot that many drivers crash into is at the end of Lars Hoffman Crossing, which ends abruptly. Although there are signs alerting drivers that the road is ending soon, many don’t realize them until it’s too late and the road runs out. The Sheriff’s Department is currently investigating the car crash. The man that was involved in the crash is expected to make a full recovery.

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