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Eye Drops Recalled Due to Safety Concerns


If you use eye lubricants for your itchy, allergy eyes, you may want to check the brand. In addition, Allergan PLC has now recalled some of their product due to a small number of customer reporting black particles inside the eye lubricants. Monday Allergan recalled eye lubricants, which have been sold in the U.S. under the names Refresh, Lacri-Lube, amongst others.

So far although there have been 12 complains of the foreign black particles, only two reports of eye irritation have occurred due to the product contamination. Now the eye care company is contacting retailers of the recalled product to ensure the eye lubricant is not placed on the shelves.

Customers are urged to contact their health-care provider immediately if they have any eye issued related to the recall. Likewise, all recalled eye products should be returned to Allergan for a full refund.

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