Double Hit-and Run in Schenectady Caused by Same Driver

Schenectady, New York police are trying to piece together a puzzle after two people were struck and killed the same night in hit-and-run accidents by the same driver. Furthermore, the first victim was 61-year-old, Donald Shaffer as a vehicle struck him as he crossed State Street near Moyton Street. Shaffer is currently recovering at a nearby hospital.

The second person involved in a hit-and-run accident that night was 29-year-old, Jerry Faine. Likewise, Faine was hit at the intersection of State and Waldorf Place. Sadly, Faine died from the injuries he sustained from his pedestrian accident.

Police do know that the same van struck both men that night. Although police did find the owner of the van, and they have been cooperative with authorities, he or she is not the person who was driving the vehicle at the time of the pedestrian accidents. The suspect responsible for both accidents has still not been caught.

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