Dog Put Down After Attack

The canine that attacked Matthew Brigmantas has been euthanized according to a city spokesperson. Brigmantas was found dead in the street from what some belive to be as a result of a dog bite attack. Furthermore, the decision to put the Shar Pei/Fila mix dog down was done after much contemplation and investigation into previous attacks on other people. The dog that was sentenced to death was believed to belong to a local homeless woman, but the animal had been known to be passed around to many people.

Before the dog was put to sleep, an animal behaviorist used the Dunbar Bite Scale and SAFER testing method to measure the severity of the bites. Likewise, the dog bite that killed Brigmantas, which happened on July 9, was rated as a five, which is the worst rating.

During the assessment the dog became so aggressive the test could not be completed therefore it was euthanized. There is still some questions regarding the exact cause of Brigmantas’s death and toxicology reports are still pending.

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