Dog Bites Police Officer in Texas

It was a scary situation Monday night at Geoffrey Wightman’s house when police were called after a neighborhood disturbance. Furthermore, when Officer Randall Frederick arrived at this home, Wightman’s four-year-old son answered the door, which caused the family dog to go from a friendly dog, to attack mode. The dog became startled, and when the animal put itself between the boy and the officer, he bit Frederick twice on the leg.

Although Wightman was scared of what the consequences may be for the family dog, he was delightfully surprised. Instead of reacting aggressively, Officer Frederick calmed the dog and deescalated the situation. This dog bite attack is vastly different than ones in the past. For example in May 2014, and officer shot another dog dead after an alarm inside a house was activated.

Now the dog is quarantined for the next 10 days, and animal control is monitoring the dog. Luckily the dog is up to date on all shots. Now, Round Rock, Texas police are looking into a program to alert officers of dangerous dogs that may be at homes they will be responding to; the program will be called BARK, which stands for “be aware of residential k9’s.”

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