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Dog Bites AZ Teacher at Apartment


A beloved 70-year-old Mesa, Arizona special education teacher is currently healing after injures she sustained in a dog bite accident. Furthermore, the dog bite accident happened as the woman was walking to her car outside of her apartment complex when she was attacked from behind. The dog came up behind the woman and bit down on her leg so fast she didn’t realize what took place until she saw blood coming from the wound.

The woman was rushed to a nearby hospital and received stitches to close up the chunk that was taken out of her leg by the dog. The dog’s owner, Kathie Kromm is very sorry the dog bite accident even happened. Kromm states the dog has never been violent to others, and the mixed breed animal named, Kody is only protective but gets along well with others. As a result, Kromm is being evicted from her apartment, and says she has nowhere to go. Meanwhile, the woman who was bit by Kody is simply thankful the dog did not attack her grandchildren. Kody is now in quarantine, and it is up to Kromm what while happen to the dog.

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