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Dog Bites 6 Year Old Girl in Detroit


After a large dog bit a young 6-year-old in South Lyon, the owner may have the animal euthanized. Furthermore, the 130-pound Rottweiler bit the young girl’s ear while her and her mother was visiting a friend.

The mom of the young girl told police her daughter and another were practicing handstands inside when the dog came up and bit her on the ear. Likewise, after the dog bite accident occurred, the owner placed the dog in the bathroom. The girl’s mom was horrified to see a chunk of the skin on her ear had been pulled off and was in her hair.

The owner of the dog admitted to the dog bite accident, and told police the dog was typically not aggressive. The owner also suggested to police that the girl who was bitten may have tried to kick the dog before it attacked her. The animal was up to date on vaccines, yet police noted that three separate incidents have been reported of the dog being vicious on other occasions. Wednesday officers will find out if the dog will be euthanized or not.

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