Customer Sues Restaurant After Being Hit by Roll

A man that was hit in the head by bread is currently suing lambert’s Café, a well-known restaurant in the Ozarks that throws dinner rolls to consumers. The man who suffered the “roll injury” is Troy Tucker, and he claims he received a lacerated cornea with a vitreous detachment with head, neck, eyes, and vision damage as well.

Tucker was struck by the roll in September 2014, and is now looking for $25,000 to cover his medical and legal fees he’s accrued. Furthermore, Tucker’s lawsuit alleges that Lambert’s carelessness and negligence caused his suffering, which racked up more than $10,000 in expenses.

In the stadium where the Kansas City Royals play, a man was struck by a thrown hot dog to the face and also suffered a torn retina. According to the “baseball rule”, the man who was struck voluntarily entered the stadium and thus assumed responsibility for his personal awareness, the same rule for the home of the thrown rolls. Therefore, Tucker may not have much of a case against Lambert’s Café. Plaques are placed all over the restaurant stating that they are placing themselves at risk by being hit with a dinner roll by entering the building.

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