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Connecticut Man Dies in Workplace Accident


Tragically a workplace accident has taken the life of an ironworker in Massachusetts. Furthermore, 54-year-old Lawrence O’Leary died Friday at a hospital due to injuries he sustained in a fall that happened while on the job two weeks prior.

The tragic workplace fall happened when O’Leary fell 40 feet inside a parking garage at Logan International Airport when the concrete panel he was working on fell to the ground. Tragically O’Leary was an experienced ironworker for over 30 years, and his brother and father were also in the same industry. Overall, it is a very sad situation for O’Leary’s family as well as workers in Local Union 424.

Sadly O’Leary is the second ironworker to die from injuries sustained at a Massachusetts construction site this summer. Ronald “Moose” Morse died in June after a temporary elevator fell to the ground. Now, OSHA is conduction inspections of all accidents.

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