Child is Mauled by a Dog in Florida

Tragedy struck in Plant City, Florida Tuesday morning when a large dog mauled a small child. Furthermore, the dog bite accident took place when a Hillsborough County Sheriff’s detective was on duty and interviewing a business owner about a vehicle theft when saw something in the dog’s mouth. The business owner, Teresa Budd thought the dog was carrying a towel in its mouth.

Detective, Jeffrey Harris and the business owner were walking the perimeter of the land when the dog happened to turn to its side and Budd was horrified as she finally noticed was actually a child in its mouth.

When Harris and Budd realized what the dog had in its mouth, the detective began running towards the dog while yelling at it. Budd went to find the mother of the child, who was understandably in hysterics, when she saw her child.

The 50-pound boxer dog is known in the area as being somewhat aggressive in nature, but has never attacked a child. The 2-year-old boy was treated at a nearby hospital and will make a full recovery.

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