Charges Filed Against IL Woman Who Drove Car Into Crowd

Thanks to social media, law enforcement has enough evidence to charge a driver that plowed into a group of people in East St. Louis, Illinois. Furthermore, the pedestrian accident happened weeks ago when Moesha Allen drover her can into four women. Now, Allen has been charged with nine felonies for hitting the women with her car and leaving the scene of the accident. Allen also faces charges for aggravated battery and leaving the scene of the accident with injuries.

Prosecutors state that social media played a huge role in many cases such as these where people record the crime and then post it online for the world see. In an unrelated case 40-year-old, Mekishal McDougle was found guilty of child pornography when co-workers alerted authorities after they saw the images on social media.

In this day and age of media and uploading, police urge people to report any evidence of a crime that may be seen on Facebook or Twitter. Now, many law enforcement departments use social media to help track and capture criminals.

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