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Caitlyn Jenner May Face Manslaughter Charges for Car Crash


The former Olympian named, Bruce Jenner now may be facing manslaughter charges in connection with a four-vehicle car accident that happened February 7. Now, Jenner’s case is headed to the district attorney next week to find out if would stand up to such charges such as involuntary manslaughter.

The day of the fatal car crash, Jenner was driving on the Pacific Coast Highway when she became the third vehicle to be involved in a rear-end accident. As a result, 69-year-old, Kimberly Howe was struck from behind by Jenner and was propelled into oncoming traffic. Howe died at the scene. Since the car crash it was determined that Jenner was going at an unsafe rate of speed for the conditions even though she was traveling under the speed limit.

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