Bicyclist Killed After Struck by Semi in NY

Tragically a 17-year-old bicyclist was killed Friday afternoon after a semi truck in Geneva, New York hit them. Furthermore, the fatal bicycle accident happened near the intersection of Route 5 and 20 on Preemption Road when 17-year-old, Jealousis Pereria hit the semi. In addition, Pereria could not stop in time before hitting the semi, which was stopped and waiting to turn onto Preempiton Road.

According to witnesses, the semi accident happened at the busiest time of day. Likewise, many residents hope the speed limit will be changed from 45 miles per hour down to 30 to hopefully curb accidents.

Many believe that the bicyclist may have been confused by the traffic light signal. Police state that the traffic was very heavy at the time of the semi accident as well, and that with the combination of the semi turning right did not give the biker much of a chance.

The driver was not charged or cited for any negligence. Pereria was not wearing a helmet at the time of the bicycle accident as well.

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