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Two semi trucks crash into one another in KY


In Lexington, Kentucky Wednesday night two semi trucks crashed into each another. Furthermore, the accident happened at midnight on Interstate 75 when the first semi had a flat tire as it was headed south. Likewise, the flat tire on the semi started a fire causing the driver to move to the shoulder of the road. As a result of the thick smoke from the fire and limited visibility, another semi rear-ended the damaged truck just near the Newtown Pike exit.

After the crash, boxes from one of the semis were scattered all over the roadway, and the other truck was leaking detergent from its trailer, which it was hauling. Hazmat crews were able to put out the fire quickly, and did not find anything potentially dangerous in the wreckage. The driver of the first vehicle was injured in the crash, and the second driver was unharmed. Please click here for more information.

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