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Trader Joe's recalls chicken sausage


Trader Joe's has again recalled one if its products due to contamination. The latest recall affects cooked chicken sausage products due to pieces of plastic found in the product. The sausage is made by Kayem Foods, and they're recalling over 30 tons of the products as of Monday. The following are sold at Trader Joes around the U.S., and are affected by the recall:

• 12 oz. packages of Sweet Apple Chicken Sausage-code 9605

• 8 oz. packages of Apple Maple Fully Cooked Breakfast Chicken Sausage-code 9709

• "P7839" label is marked inside the USDA mark of inspection

Thus far two consumers have found small pieces of plastic in the products. Luckily no injuries have been reported with the consumption of the sausage as well. The recall has also been placed in Class II, which means there is a remote possibility of adverse health consequences of consuming the product.

This is not the first recent Trader Joe recall. Last month five kinds of walnuts were recalled due to potential salmonella contamination. In 2012, the company also recalled peanut butter, and in 2010 BBQ chicken salad, and cilantro due to salmonella as well. Likewise, Trader Joe's also recalled raw almond butter, stone fruit, hummus, salads, and wraps for E. coli contamination in 2013. Finally in 2010, the company recalled butter chicken due to listeria. Please click here to learn more about the latest recall.

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