SUV hits home in Ferguson after chase

It seems as though the chaos in Ferguson is not coming to an end anytime soon. Tuesday night in the St. Louis, two suspects in an SUV were involved in a police chase and ended up crashing into a home. The pursuit started in Florissant after the pair was suspected in a burglary at a home. Once police arrived, the suspects jumped in a stolen vehicle and began to flee the scene.

Eventually, they crashed into the side of a home at Marie and January Avenue. A woman that lived at the residence was home at the time of the accident but luckily was not hurt. After the vehicle had crashed into the house, the suspects attempted to run from the police but were apprehended by Florissant police. Over six different police stations took place in helping capture the suspects.

Just one block away and just hour's prior, a deadly shooting occurred as well. Lorenzo Foster shot his brother in the face, and then barricaded himself in his home. Lorenzo was found later in a church near to his home. Likewise, Foster's brother survived. Click here to learn more.

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