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Several foods have been recalled this week


Just in time for the upcoming Easter holiday, there have been several food recalls from all over the nation due to several types of potential contaminations and undeclared allergens. The recalled foods are listed below.

Silver Lake Cookie Company Easter egg cookies were recalled due to undeclared egg. Many with food allergies, especially to eggs could be at risk due to the undeclared allergen in the cookies.

Mixed nuts from the following brands were recalled due to possible salmonella contamination:

  • Hannaford Supermarkets-Nature's Place roasted unsalted mixed nuts, and cranberry mix
  • Aurora Products, Inc. walnuts

Maya Overseas Food, Inc. 7-oz. cumin was recalled due to undeclared peanuts. Those with peanut allergies can suffer severe allergic reactions and anaphylaxis is the allergen is ingested.

Whole Foods Market, southwest bran muffins were recalled due to undeclared milk and egg. The muffins were sold in six packs and produced and sold in the Southwest Region of the United States. Those allergic to milk and eggs can have severe reactions if the allergen is consumed.

GetGo sub sandwiches are recalled due to undeclared egg. The individual sub sandwiches are made by Giant Eagle and sold individually. Those allergic to eggs can suffer severe allergic reactions if the allergen is ingested.

Hope kale pesto hummus was recalled due to undeclared walnuts, which can cause serious, life-threatening reactions in those allergic to them.

Deer Brand golden raisins are recalled due to undeclared sulfites. Best Foods Inc. are recalling the 7-oz. packages due to the undeclared allergen, which can harm people with sulfite sensitivities.

Giant Eagle Danish pastries, rolls, cheese, pies, and dried fish are being recalled due to undeclared egg and milk allergens. Those with milk and egg allergies can suffer life-threatening allergic reactions if those allergens are ingested.

To read more on any of the following recalls, please click here.

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