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Nissan expands air bag recall following recent injury


Recently there was yet another injury due to faulty airbags in certain Nissan cars. Sabra Wilson from New Orleans, Louisiana was injured when her 2006 Nissan's airbag exploded, and she was hit with flying shrapnel. Now, Wilson is recovering from burns, cuts, and hearing problems. In addition, Wilson's car was not part of the recent recall, thus prompting the expansion to include older models. Nissan Sentra's manufactured between 2004-2006 are now included in the large recall.

It is believed that states with higher humidity makes the air bag issues more serious. Due to humidity, the air bag propellant can burn faster, and thus potentially blow apart from their metal canisters that hold them in. So far there have been six deaths and numerous injuries associated with the faulty airbags. Takata is the manufacturer that makes the airbags and inflator mechanism included in the recall. 10 automakers have recalled 17 million vehicles in the United States, and 22 million throughout the world due to airbag issues. It is estimated that there are as many as 30 million vehicles with Takata airbags throughout the U.S. According to the NHTSA the initial recall started when data showed where inflators ruptured after the airbags were deployed because of an accident. To learn more, please click here.

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