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Mom questions daughters cell phone use in connection with crash


Being distracted while driving is a major contributor in vehicle crashes all over the world. Likewise, with tons of technology at ones fingertips, driving while talking on the phone or texting is always a reoccurring theme in such accidents. In addition, in Graham County, Arizona a multi-vehicle wreck occurred on March 21 on Highway 191, and now the mom of the guilty driver is questioning the actual use of her daughters cell phone in connection with the accident. Additionally, 18-year-old, Shelby Post told the officer on the accident scene that she was using a map application on her phone when she hit stopped vehicles on Highway 191.

Now, Post's mother, Stephanie Southerland is alleging that her daughter was actually just reaching over into the passengers side of the vehicle searching for an invitation, and not actually on the phone prior to the accident; her mom claims Post checked the map application before to the crash. Furthermore, Southerland is upset that no one contacted her after the accident. Post's mother also alleges that her daughter was unable to think clearly due to the circumstances after the accident.

Post was cited for failure to yield and for speeding, which Southerland also has an issue with as well. Either way, police are sticking with Post's admission to the officer at the scene that she was using her phone at the time of the crash. Lastly, the end result was driving while distracted, which caused the crash, and sadly it only takes a second to cause an accident. Please click here for more information on this crash.

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