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MO man killed in skateboard crash


What started out as a fun excursion on a seemingly harmless skateboard ended in tragedy for one Kansas City man. Furthermore, 26-year-old, Dylan Austin was killed after he lost control of his skateboard Saturday afternoon in Warrensburg, Missouri. Likewise, Austin lost control of the board near an overpass, and, as a result, struck his head on a concrete curb and died. Austin was reported dead at the scene.

Sadly, Austin was only weeks away from graduating with a master's degree from the University of Central Missouri. Police believe Austin lost control because he was traveling at a high rate of speed down a large hill. In addition, it was dark out as well, and Austin was unable to see what was ahead of him. Although an investigation is pending, there is no reason police believe foul play was part of the accident.

Although many young children and teens utilize skateboarding as a fun recreational sport, safety must always be kept in mind. Likewise, this story can also serve as a sounding board that precautions must always be taken when participating in sports such as skateboarding. Although it was not reported whether or not Austin was wearing a helmet at the time of the crash, it is presumed he was not due to the fatal impact of his injuries.

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