Kearny man suing rehab clinics for wrongful death

The nightmare of rehab was even more terrifying for the family of one Kearny kid. Twenty year old, Brandon Jacques, died of cardiac arrest shortly after being shipped around various detox centers. His family was awarded $10.25 million in a wrongful –death suit against two medical centers, with one more suit pending in Arizona courts.

Shortly after Brandon’s death, his parents, Ted and Kim, were contacted by a California newspaper about the incident. The reporter had uncovered a scheme of shipping young patients around, from center to center, all the while charging them enormous amounts of money, up to $240 per day.

Brandon had been suffering from bulimia for the years leading up to his death. His binge eating and subsequent purging, caused stress on his entire family. When they tried to intervene, he switched to alcohol in order to hide his addiction. Brandon voluntarily checked into A Sober Way Home, a treatment center in Prescott Ariz. on February 14, 2011. His parents paid $14,500 for a 30- day stay. According to letters, Brandon was doing well at the center. At around the end of his thirty day stint, his first treatment center recommended he be sent to another place called Morningside Recovery in California, which costs $25,000; which Ted and Kim happily played. After only 17 days at Morningside, Brandon was sent to another place called First House. Brandon ended up dying April 2, 2011, two days after he arrived at First House. Neither Morningstar nor First House were licensed medical facilities. This practice is widespread in California. As a result of the fraud, families all across the country are sending their families to these treatment centers with the promise of hope but the reality of despair.

Attorneys argued that First House had cut deals with Morningside to handle it’s overflow clients. First House was more of a ranch than a treatment facility. Internal emails show the companies put profits ahead of the safety; they preyed on families in order to gain their money. This type of fraud runs ramped when the medical profession. Our experienced attorneys at Meyerkord & Kurth have years of experience recovering money for the victims of medical fraud, which result in wrongful death. If you our your family has been the victim of medical fraud please give us a call at (314) 300-3000 or (800) 391-4318 for a no-obligation assessment of your potential fraud claim.

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