High school students injured after stage collapse

Thursday night in Indiana started out with a play production at a high school and ended in horror as audience members watched the stage collapse. In addition, students at Westfield High School were in the middle of performing a concert when their stage collapsed with them on top of it. In the accident, about 23 students suffered minor injuries, and one was listed in critical condition but will make a full recovery.

About 75 kids were in the middle of performing "American Pie" while video was rolling, and captured the incident of the students on stage and the platform collapsing into what looks like a pit. Immediately after the accident, audience members began screaming while rushing onto the collapsed stage to help the students. As of right now it is unknown what caused the stage to cave in, and an investigation is looking into the reason. The Captain of the Westfield police department is thankful all the children will make a full recovery. To learn more, please click here.

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