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A claimant must adhere with three requirements before an FTCA suit can be filed in court. The first step that a claimant is required to take is to exhaust all administrative remedies that are demanded by FTCA. This requires the claim to be presented in writing to the appropriate Federal Agency and states the amount of damages sustained and the conduct that caused the damage. The second prerequisite requires the suit to be filed before both statutes of limitations expire as set out

by the FTCA. First statute of limitations requires the claim be presented before the appropriate Federal agency within two years after the claim occurred Secondly, the statute of limitations requires that suit be filed within 6 months after being denied by the Federal agency. Finally, the third prerequisite requires the suit to be filed in a federal district court that has subject matter

jurisdiction to hear FTCA cases. When all of these requirements are met the claimant is granted 1346(b) jurisdiction and to further the claim it must be categorized in one of the enumerated exceptions Congress has placed in the FCTA to waive sovereign immunity.

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