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Derailment Causes Officials to Change Railcars


The train accident in Galena last month has caused Federal officials to insist that tank cars be replaced on trains. They believe by replacing the tank cars to ones more fire resistant that in the case of a derailment, the severity of an accident would decrease. The tanks would be less likely to explode or cause spills. The officials with the National Safety Transportation Board believe that there is an urgency to change the current cars that typically transport crude oil because communities are at risk during a derailment accident that can cause explosions.

The Department of Transportation's Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration will soon be releasing stricter regulations regarding train speed, rail car, and communication. The tank cars that hold the crude oil and hazardous material are recommended to be retrofitted to have an advanced thermal protection and larger pressure valves. Officials are acting aggressively after several recent train accidents, including the derailment in Galena that caused a massive explosion.

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