Construction Site Unapproved, Caused Family's Death

On Monday, a family was killed in their vehicle as a slab of concrete fell onto them. The accident happened in Bonney Lake, Washington when the man, woman, and their 8-month-old child were traveling along a highway and construction was in progress on the bridge overpass above them. A large piece of concrete had been cut and fell directly onto the roof of the vehicle. Authorities stated that the vehicle was hit with such force that it had been mangled and smashed making it difficult to initially know the number of victims.

The officials with the city of Bonney Lake issued a statement that they were not aware that the construction work was occurring at that specific location. WHH Nisqually Federal Services was hired as the contractor for the job of installing sidewalks and lights to Highway 410 and the work included the demolition of the bridge. However, that portion of the job was not expected to start on Monday and city officials stated that they would have closed the highway below the bridge if they had been notified that the demolition was taking place. The contractor provided the city with a work plan and signed a contract saying that it is required that they protect vehicles from debris. WHH Nisqually Federal Services refuse to release a statement until the investigation is fully complete.

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