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BMW recalls vehicles due to airbag issue


The recent amount of vehicle recalls seem to be mounting throughout the U.S., and now BMW makers have joined in due to airbag issues. Furthermore, 91,000 Mini Coppers have been included in a recall because of a defective sensor that needs to be replaced in the front passenger seat airbag. The fix will help the airbag deploy correctly in the event of a crash. Thus far, the following vehicles are affected in the recall:

• 2005-2008 Mini Cooper

• 2005-2008 Mini Cooper S

According to the German manufacturer, if a crash does occur, the front-side passenger airbag may not activate due to a defect in the mat on the occupant's side. Therefore, the passenger side mat will be replaced in the recall. Thus far, there has been one injury reported in relation to the defect. To learn more about this recall, please click here.

This is not BMW's first recall in recent years. The other latest recall included 165,00 Nissan's and BMW's due to a faulty fuel pump. About 70,500 BMW cars were affected in the fuel pump recall, and were triggered by failure, which could cause the engine of the car to either stall or not start at all. Luckily there were no injuries associated with the faulty fuel pumps.

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