Geoff Meyerkord Settles Auto Accident Case for $358,000

A Missouri man who suffered injuries in a three-vehicle, high-speed collision involving a fatality received a settlement of $358,000 with the representation of attorney Geoff Meyerkord of Meyerkord, Meyerkord & Kurth.

On July 6, 2015, Ronald Nester, a 59-year-old man, was traveling in Missouri when the defendant, D.S., crossed into his path of traffic. D.S. was traveling southbound over the speed limit when he crossed into the northbound lane striking a pickup truck, then colliding head-on with Mr. Nester. Tragically, D.S. was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident.

Mr. Nester was transferred from the accident scene by ambulance to a hospital in Fairfax, Missouri that was not a level one Emergency Room. Therefore, Mr. Nester had to be transferred to another hospital near Kansas City for treatment. He suffered a fractured right wrist, four fractured ribs, a fully displaced sternal fracture, a fracture of the left great toe, and pulmonary contusion – retrosternal small hematoma in the chest.

According to Mr. Nester’s attorney, Geoff Meyerkord of the St. Louis personal injury firm Meyerkord, Meyerkord & Kurth, the plaintiff’s recovery for a heart condition was compromised due to the accident. In fact, Mr. Nester was forced to undergo an atherosclerosis of native artery of his right leg with intermit caudation.

The plaintiff treated with prescription medication, an injection, and exercise for several months for his injuries and accumulated around $70,000 in medical expenses. While he mostly recovered from his injuries, his life was forever changed.

Fortunately, with the experienced representation of Geoff Meyerkord, the case was settled for the defendant’s insurance policy limits of $250,000 and Mr. Meyerkord was able to obtain an additional $108,000 from the defendant’s umbrella policy.

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