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Students discover mold inside their juice

If you're drinking apple juice while reading this, you may want to put it down for a second because it may turn your stomach after hearing the story. Likewise, some students at the McKinley Middle and High School in St. Louis found a surprise in their lunch apple juice. In addition, what was found was a "jello like substance" floating inside the containers, which looks like mold. Even more alarming, 39 of the apple juices' were served to students at breakfast sickening 22 students, and sending three to their home for the day. The apple juice came from Southwest Food Service and was thawed after being frozen, which gave it a shelf life of 21 days, and an expiration date of April 4. Testing is currently being conducted on the juice to find out the exact reason for the intruder inside the container, yet the results won't be available until early next week. Parents of the school district have been notified of the incident.

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