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Walmart goes to court in Texas over liquor laws

Texas should learn that you shouldn't stand in the way of a huge business and their profits. Likewise, in Texas, retail giant, Walmart is going to battle in court over one of the state's strange liquor laws. In addition, the state of Texas bans publicly traded companies with an excess of 35 or more shareholders from selling liquor. Walmart is calling this ridiculous law irrational, unnecessary, and unfair, and that it could negatively impact their profits. Walmart is also blasting the law as being ironic to the states belief in free enterprise and competition. Moreover, Walmart also points out that the package store law is contradictory as more than 12 liquor stores throughout Texas can sell daiquiris and margaritas through a drive-through. Additionally, another quirky Texas liquor law still enforces prohibition in a Houston neighborhood.

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