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Two Workers Injured, One Killed on Movie Set

A movie being filmed in Taipei has injured two construction workers and killed one before production has even begun. The Martin Scorsese film "Silence" is in pre-production in Taiwan. The production crew was concerned with a structure at the studio and a third-party construction company was called in to repair the structure. As workers were attempting to support the structure, it collapsed onto the men. Two of the workers were seriously injured and the third man was killed.

Unfortunately, workplace accidents occur on a regular basis. The U.S. Bureau of Labor reported that three million injuries and illness were work-related in 2013. Workers' compensation insurance provides employees, that have been injured in a workplace accident, with benefits for their injuries. Those benefits ensure that those injured will receive all the necessary medical treatment while replacing their wages during their medical leave. The issue with workers' compensation insurance in Missouri is that the lost wages are paid at a calculated rate of 66.6% of the workers' average weekly wage, leaving those injured struggling to make ends meet. If you have been injured at work, contacting a workers' compensation attorney can help recover the difference in your lost wages and the wages paid by the insurance.

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