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Tractor-trailer crashes into a homes basement

Tractor-trailer crashes happen quite frequently, and it seems that trucks crashing into homes are occurring more and more. In addition, in Perry Hall, Maryland Thursday morning, a semi lost control and crashed into the back of a home with all of the family members inside. Likewise, prior to the crash, the semi was cut off by another vehicle, and as a consequence lost control on Honeygo Boulevard, jumped the sidewalk, and plowed into the back of the house.

According to the homeowners, the house shook for approximately five seconds, and everyone thought it was a massive earthquake. Following the shake, the family ran outside to see what had happened, only to see a truck sticking out of the back of their home; the truck left a 8x10 side hole in the basement area. It was a miracle that only minor injuries occurred from the crash. The driver of the vehicle, which cut off the semi, was charged as being at fault.

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