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Settlement Reached in Nursing Home Lawsuit

A Brooklyn judge, who served as a Civil Court judge for 17 years, died eight years ago due to the negligence of the assisted living facility in which he was a resident. Judge John Phillips was a well-known individual and had purchased several properties increasing the worth of his estate. In 2000, the judges' health had been on the decline when he was declared incompetent and a guardian was court appointed. That guardian, a New York attorney, stole over $300,000 from the estate and was disbarred.

Due to his mental state and health condition, the judge was placed in an assisted living facility in Park Slope. Unfortunately, only eight months after moving into the facility, Judge Phillips died due to the negligence of the owner of the Prospect Park Residence. The family of the judge filed a lawsuit claiming they were not allowed to see him when they attempted to visit, he was not given diabetic meals, and his room was without heat.

The plaintiffs also claim that the owner was operating the assisted living facility without a license. The owner defended the actions of confining the judge to his room because there was a court order to do so; however, the defense was not able to produce the supporting documentation. The parties agreed to settle the lawsuit for $750,000 just one week prior to the start of the trial.

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