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Selfie contributed to plane crash

Sadly, the craze of capturing selfies has contributed to yet another tragedy, yet this time it was a plane crash. The investigators found that the plane crash, which happened in Adams County, Colorado on the night of May 31, 2014, has been attributed to the pilot and his passengers taking selfies while in flight. The preventable crash killed two people and the pilot happened near the Front Range Airport.

A GoPro camera was found near the crash scene with video showing the pilot and his passengers snapping photos before the accident. Upon further investigation, it was found that the 29-year-old pilot, Amritpal Singh should not have been flying at night due to unfulfilled requirements to do so. Ultimately, it was the combination of the pilot's distraction by the cell phone used at low altitude, and with a flash is what contributed to the crash. Just as cell phones are a distraction while driving a vehicle, this crash proves that they are also a distraction in planes as well.

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